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Name: Mikan「みかん」(Tachibana 「タチバナ」)
Title: Nanairo-dan Admin
Age: 16~♥ (21)
Birthday: June 6th (Gemini)
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Orange

♦ Her name is actually Tachibana, but because it isn't cute (also a bad fallout with her family), she goes by Mikan

♦ Her team consist of Delcatty*(shiny), Furret*(shiny), Blissey, Togekiss, Porygon-Z and Houndoom.

♦ All of her Pokemon where captured in Love Balls, except for Houndoom. They are all female too, except of course Houndoom (she doesn't like it that much.)

♦ She owns an Eevee that she doesn't keep on her team, because she refuses to evolve it and make it fight. Her Eevee was her first Pokemon, so she cares for it more that almost anything else in the world.

♦ Mikan wears a pale orange kimono top that has flowers and oranges on it, with a short black skirt. Her identifying mark are two charm bracelets with feathers and her Pokeballs as the charms.

♦ She likes all things sweet, but donuts especially. Mikan even appoints grunts to bring her donuts on an hourly basis. Anyone who touches her donuts without her permission will face a world of pain (unless it's Shuuya since she's kinda crazy about him.)

♦ Despite her (fake) dizty personality, she's actually a genius with computers. She also in charge of Nanairo-dan's digital records and stuff with the help of her Porygon-Z.

♦ She joined Nanairo-dan not out of loyalty to the old boss nor Yukari, or desire to help others, but simply to make money and get famous. 


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